Over 60 million people have had a pathological partner. Are you one of them?

Over 60 million people have had a pathological partner. Are you one of them?

Do you feel fiercely loyal toward your partner although your partner has put you through unspeakable acts of cruelty and betrayal?

Has your partner lied so much that sometimes you aren’t sure you know what’s real or who your partner really is?

Have you tried to break off the relationship yet feel powerless to stop your partner from walking in and out of your life?

Do you alternate between believing that your partner is the love of your life and questioning your sanity or even feeling your life may be in danger?

Using the stories of survivors and social psychological research on compliance, cognitive dissonance, and thought control, Why Can’t I Just Leave? explains how relationships with pathological partners can create impossible dilemmas that trap you in a distorted dream-state and hijack your thoughts and emotions.

Learn what those who are conscience-impaired don’t want you to know and find out how to wake up and walk out of your partner’s invisible prison forever.

Why Can’t I Just Leave? is now available for pre-order in ebook, hardback, and paperback and will be available on October 19. Go here to pre-order now!

Pre-order before the release date of October 19 and you’ll receive a free digital gift pack including the first chapter now plus a deleted chapter that’s not in the book and will never be available to those who wait to purchase later. Simply pre-order the book and send a copy of your pre-order receipt to contact@kristenmilstead.com


Want a free signed copy? Please send an email to contact@kristenmilstead.com by Monday, September 27 to sign up to be an early reviewer and given your honest review of the book on Amazon on the release date of October 19. In addition to receiving a free copy, the first 50 people who leave a review will also receive a special recovery kit and five entries in a drawing for prizes on October 22, including a $100 Amazon gift card (with a list of the top recovery books you may want to purchase)!


Also… contests coming soon! Over the next few weeks, I’ll be holding contests where no purchase is necessary for free recovery books written by many different authors (and other items), so please stay tuned.
Stay strong!

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