Meet Kristen

Kristen Milstead is a writer, researcher, and activist who helps individuals with a history of trauma find their voices and overcome limiting beliefs imposed on them by others. She worked in a homeless shelter for teens and taught classes at her former under-resourced high school before completing her Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Oklahoma. During her academic career, she helped launch the academic journal Feminist Criminology and designed the first course on race, class, and the criminal justice system for the University of Illinois at Springfield while working as an Assistant Professor.

She is currently an academic member of the Association for NPD/Psychopathy Survivor Treatment, Research & Education, and is passionate about using her knowledge base in social psychology, social norms and deviance, criminology, gender and sexuality, and sexual assault to expand our understanding of “invisible” power dynamics that allow some individuals to benefit at the expense of others. After her experience in a pathological love relationship, she started a website for narcissistic abuse survivors, Fairy Tale Shadows, which has reached millions of people from over 180 countries. Her work has been featured on PsychCentral, HealthyPlace, Your Tango, and Thought Catalog, and been shared and endorsed by numerous clinicians and mental health professionals.

She lives in Washington, D.C with her partner, Charles, and their Arabian Mau rescue cats from Kuwait, Bo and Chewbacca, where she occasionally embarrasses herself by singing in a regional karaoke league.


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